Who is Sunday Soldiers?

Hey locals, 

So we getting asked on the reg' about what Sunday Soldiers means.

Where did the name come from? Are you a religious brand? Is your name Sunday? Are you from a military background? 

I really didn't think too much of it when we first started the brand. When we first decided to start Sunday Soldiers, I had a list of 'Rules' for our brands name: 

  1. Must be two words 
  2. No kids names (What if we failed? What if we sold the business?) 
  3. Must be a name that we can use to create a community (We were going to call our customers 'the Sunday Soldiers army'. We have NEVER used this, it's horrible haha) 

I really wish I kept the list of names I made. I know that Neon Moose was on there, it was actually my favourite but it was already taken. Twelfth Avenue, Signature Sundays, Sundays Best were all contenders too. It is so hilarious to think of us being named any of those things! It just wouldn't work. Ridiculous. I couldn't imagine us being named anything else now :) 

So - why did we go with Sunday Soldiers? Here's how: 
We're soldiers for Sunday's. That Sunday vibes feeling. Sunday roadtrips, going for lunch at Grandma's house, movie days at home and early morning walks to go get babychinos. We are all about Sunday's. It invokes everything that our brand is about. That's who are we. We're Sunday Soldiers. 

I've actually seriously considered re-branding a few times because I never want anyone to get the wrong idea about Sunday Soldiers. I don't want the 'Soldiers' part inferring that we're violence advocates or anything. Maybe I'm just paranoid, I don't know. But if I'm honest, I don't think we'll ever rebrand now. Sunday Soldiers isn't just our name. It really embodies everything that we're about. It's not even a name, it's a feeling (SO lame - I know, but it's true).
When people hear Sunday Soldiers, I want them to think of cruisy, happy, good vibes. Warm sun beams on their face while doing surf checks, sandy toes, watching your kid nail their first kickflip and turn around to make sure you saw it. All those moments, that's Sunday Soldiers. 

Signing out, 
Elise x