"Last year we spent a lot of time up in WA's Ningaloo Reef.  This area of the world is full of red dirt, turquoise bays, and wild stories.  Exmouth captures both the raw vastness of Australia's Pilbara and the crisp blue of the coastline.  It gives you a feeling as soon as you drive in.  It's like you've crossed into a different world.  Nothing outside of Exmouth matters anymore.  Thousands of nomads flock there each year and it's clear why they choose Exmouth.
We want our collection to reflect that feeling.  Sink into our threads and let the weight of the world lift.  Childhood is for embracing the wild and purveying adventures.  When we left Exmouth, we left a part of our souls there.  This collection reflects that part of our souls." Elise Doohan (Sunday Soldiers creative director)

Welcome to Salty Nomads.
Salty Nomads launches 19th February 2018, 9PM AEST (6PM AWT).
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