Your guide to kids's winter fashion

Everyone always tells me 'Wow, your boys are so stylish'.
And then they generally look around for their REAL mum, who couldn't possibly be the lady who's had the same mum bun for 3 days, looks like she hasn't slept properly for a number of years and is clinging to a large flat white (with one sugar, thanks) 

While I am the first to admit, I am NOT an expert in ladies fashion and will not be writing a blog on that (Editor: Oh go on Elise, it'll be funny) - kids fashion is my thing. I love it, live it, breathe it. 

So - here's my guide for what is on trend this winter, and what to dress your boys in to make them look like tiny style icons. 

  • Beanies. Beanies have made a comeback for older kids (2yrs +) in recent years. While knit beanies are still a strong player, slouch beanies are definitely making themselves known in the field. Neutral colours such as grey, black, navy are easy to team with outfits (PS. And they wash better!) 
  • Scarves. Or more specifically - snoods. I can't get enough of them! There is nothing more stylish on a child in winter than a scarf. I struggle to get my boys to keep the thick, knit scarves on. But the snoods are perfect for rough & tumble boys. Snug enough to keep them warm but not too thick to stop them from being the adventurers they are. Bonus point: snoods won't unravel and fall into the dirt, their food, the mud. Love it! 
  • Boots. From Timberlands, to Gumboots - boots are a sure way to style up an outfit. Tuck jeans into the boots or roll the jeans up at the cuff to sit just above them. 
  • Oversized jumpers. Go up a size when buying jumpers for your child. Generally, kids jumpers have cuffed sleeves, which means you still have a functional item with maintaining an edgy, oversized look. Plus, you'll still get another seasons wear out of it next year. Win, win. 
  • Colours. We're seeing colours trickle down into kids wear that haven't been popular in this space for a long time. Think navy, burgundy, mustard, deep purple. We see grey is yet again a huge colour contender in kids colours this winter (Which I personally love! Grey is my favourite!). Select 1 or 2 coloured pieces and team them with greys and blacks for an understated yet exceptionally stylish look. 
  • Patterns. While patterns in kids wear is nothing new, there's a shift in the style of patterns. Say goodbye to the plaid, the monochrome and the delicate florals. Say hello to the moroccan, the aztec and the fair isle. I believe we've only seen the beginning of these new pattern trends and it's likely they will follow into winter next year. Watch this space! 
  • And lastly but not least, babychinos. Yep. Babychinos. Bet you didn't see that one coming! Nothing says 'too cool for school' like a tot wielding a tiny babychino. Extra coolness for a cup from a little or local coffee store (So exclusive! Locals only). And anywhere that sells babychinos will probably sell coffee too. Just saying'. I know it's not clothing, but babychinos deserve a mention. And let's face it, they'll probably end up wearing it anyway. 

Instagram inspo: 
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What are YOUR favourite winter trends? Have we missed anything? Leave your thoughts in the comments. 

Signing out, 
Elise x