Why we call our customers 'locals', even when they're on the other side of the world

Hey locals (and readers!) 
So, if you follow Sunday Soldiers, you might have heard the term 'Locals Only' before. Locals Only has featured on our clothing for a couple seasons now and it's planned to feature in collections into the future. It's so much of an integral part of Sunday Soldiers that we actually legally trademarked the term. 
But why? What does it even mean? 

We asked our Facebook group what the term meant to them. 
We had some of the following responses: 

"I love it, where we live it makes sense to me in a positive way- a small surf town. But I have second guessed myself dressing her in it for daycare, in case people see it in a negative way"
"It’s def a salt saying on a grommet T-shirt"

"We love it. We live in a beach side suburb and its my fave of the collection. Joshua loves heading down to the beach and seeing the surfers. They love it too ♡ I see it as a positive surf culture statement"

"In nz I feel it could be taken the wrong way but I’d totally put my kids in it cause I love the phrase, I love the sense of belonging it creates."
It was a real mixed bag of responses, which we didn't expect to be honest. So I thought it would be a good time to address it, break it down and discuss why we use the term so frequently and what it means to us. 
We're a community. We're a group. When you're a part of Sunday Soldiers, you're one of our locals. Whether you're in Perth, Penrith, Auckland, Adelaide, Sydney or Shanghai - no matter where in the world you are, you're always at home with your locals when you're in Sunday Soldiers.

We're a global community. We're a little bit exclusive, but we never exclude. You guys are a part of our team, every single one of you. I love the word 'squad' but I feel like it's a bit cliquey, which isn't us at all. We're Sunday Soldiers Locals, global community, from all ends of the world.

'Locals Only' term is well known for being spray painted at surf breaks, or at the local skate park - attempting to exclude tourists. But it also implies a sense of camaraderie. If you're a local, it's something that is special to you. You're a part of something. A local club. Something that you identify with and something that you belong to. THAT is what we're doing here at Sunday Soldiers. When you purchase our clothes and when your child wears them, you aren't a 'customer'. You're a part of our brand. You're one of our locals. 
When you're travelling, or even when you're not, and you see a child wearing a Sunday Soldiers shirt - you know you have a friend. You know that family stands for the same thing you do, and the same thing Sunday Soldiers does: good vibes. 

'Locals' may at first imply that it's regarding a certain postcode or area. But it's not. It's a feeling. In this day and age, we love the idea of having people all over the world spreading good vibes and representing that feeling. If you're a part of Sunday Soldiers, you're our local.

We're all locals <3 
Signing out, 
Elise x 


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