Why right now is an excellent time to start surfing.

‘tis the season where not only are the Sunday Soldiers team gearing up for Christmas (Us west siders are showing our East Coast team our magnificent south west over chrissy/new years, hopefully there will be a few tasty summer waves on the menu), we’re gearing up for showing our next season. That means lots of fashion trade shows, meetings, phone calls, Skype calls, road trips and plane trips, all to chat to our lovely stockists and potential stockists about why they should buy our new threads emblazoned with what is often a reflection of Elise or I.
You might have noticed we like surfing.... a lot. And often, we plaster that love of surfing and the beachside lifestyle over a T-shirt, jumper, a romper or pants.
So on many occasions, the chats we have turn to surfing. Many of our stockists and customers surf, or have spouses or children that do. But many more talk about how they always wanted to surf, but for some reason or another, never started.
Well now is the time! (If you live in the Southern Hemisphere, our Northern hemisphere followers might want to wait 6 months to read this). Here’s why.
  1. Look out the window. It’s summer! Though in Australia right now, that could mean anything from scorching bushfires to snow. It’s been kinda a weird start to summer this year. But the days are getting longer, and the water is getting warmer. This means you’re less likely to pack it in because you were cold and uncomfortable. You probably won’t need to go out and buy expensive wetsuits either. A pair of board shorts or your usual swimsuit (and a few litres of sun block) should suffice.
  2. While many of us more seasoned surfers are lamenting the lack of big winter swells, the more gentle smaller summer swells are perfect for learning. No wants to get smashed on their first times surfing, so get out and hone the basic skills while it’s still a bit more friendly.
  3. Christmas is just around the corner. What a perfect time to put a soft top surfboard or surfing lessons on the chrissy wish list. Have a look at https://www.learntosurf.com to find a Surfing Australia approved instructor near you (if you’re in WA, Wooly at https://www.starsurf.com.au/pages/mandurah-surf-lessons-msl is a local legend and a friendly guy to boot.)
  4. You need a de-stress! There’s something meditative about sitting in the water, waiting for a wave while contemplating your surrounds. And with all the running around attached to this time of year, who doesn’t need a little help to unwind.
  5. It’s summer. You were probably going to go to the beach anyway. Why get all hot and sweaty lying around on the beach when you could be diving into what for many becomes a life long passion. I regularly surf with a guy in his 70’s that still has all the grom stoke he had when he surfed in his youth. When he’s in the water, he’s young again (even if his hearing isn’t so flash). Don’t be that person that says “I always wanted to try that”. One day it will be too late. Like I said, now is the time. And when you do start, take a pic afterwards and tag us. We’d love to see that look of stoke on your face.
Merry Christmas guys, and enjoy your holidays!