Welcome to Milkbar '63

It's heeeere! 

Launch time is the MOST exciting event on the Sunday Soldiers calendar. We design our items around 18 months beforehand, so it's a LONG time to keep it to ourselves. We're practically bursting at the seams with excitementness (is that a word?) by the time launch day rolls around. There's so much 'behind the scenes' work that goes on beforehand. Organising freight, finding a forklift to unload it all, counting the stock, getting stockist orders out first, prepping all our images, uploading products to the website. The list goes on - and that's without thinking about production! But it is ALL done with an air of happiness about it. I don't know what it is, must be the big lead up. But everything to do with launch makes me so giddy! 

All of our seasons are special to me. But this one is extra special. I started designing Milkbar '63 just after my Dad passed away. My Dad was a total legend, he was born in 1963 and spent his childhood growing up in a time that is completely different to the era we're raising our kids in now. I wanted to create something that bought those two eras together.
There are items in the collection that have been designed completely with inspiration from my Dad, but then adapted to fit the Sunday Soldiers vibe. For example, our shorts. My Dad was big on short shorts. He always used to talk about how his short shorts got him more female clients because he looked so good in them (insert eye roll here). Whatever Dad! Our 'shorties' have been based on that, but created longer to make them more sun safe at the beach. 

My Dad was a surfer. He would always talk about his surfing past times and favourite surfbreaks. Especially as he got more and more sick, I think they were some of the best times of his life, along with playing football for East Fremantle (Go the sharks!). The 'Pray for Waves' and 'Don't drop in, dude' are very Sunday Soldiers designs anyway, they perfectly reflect our brand. But what people might not realise, is that they are designs that my Dad would have loved too. I can just imagine the look on his face if we took the boys over to his house, wearing those shirts. He would have loved them and he would have been so proud. 

Lastly, the 'Girl Club' design. My Dad had two daughters and was a single Dad to us both during the teenage years. The poor guy had to deal with all the fun teenage girl things like periods, boyfriends (or lack there of, haha), body issues, big phone bills, shaving legs etc. I actually don't know how he did it, all while running a business and juggling our younger brother too! But he did. Dad ALWAYS told us girls that we could do anything. Neither my sister or I ever put up with any crap from boys - because we were always taught that we deserved better. It's actually kind of amazing watching our brother now, because by Dad teaching us girls about kindness, self worth and how powerful it is to be female, he's raised a man who always looks out for his sisters and is always our biggest advocate. That's how I want to raise my boys. You don't have to be a girl to be in the girl club. You just have to want equal rights for us all, as human beings. 
Now you all know WAY too much about my family, haha. But that's the story behind Milkbar '63. It's super special and was all designed with love. 

My personal favourite items are the shorties, the Girl Club dress and all of the caravan designs. It's so hard to choose, I love it all. 

I hope our locals love Milkbar '63! We've specifically made it to be comfortable on your babes, but with designs and the aesthetic that parents will love too. 
Milkbar 63' will be available in stores from the 12th September 2018. Click here to find your closest stockist. 
Wow - another season down. Thank you all SO MUCH for following our brand and our journey. It's rad having you on board. We can't wait to see all of your gorgeous babes in their new Sunday Soldiers threads on Instagram! <3 

Here's to you, Dad. 
Signing out, 
Elise x