10 ideas to make money for stay at home mums

It can be SO daunting going back to work after having a baby. Us poor Mums being dragged back to corporate life, kicking and screaming 'BUT I JUST WANT TO STAY HOME! LOOK HOW CUTE MY BABY IS!' :(  

I personally never wanted to put my babies into daycare when they were young. I'm so infinitely thankful that I was able to stay home with them for so long. It breaks my heart to think that there are Mums out there that weren't as lucky and who cried driving to work on their first day back because it wasn't something they wanted to do. It's not fair, we should all be able to stay home with our babes if that is what we choose to do. But realistically, them bills aren't going to pay themselves! #onepowerball 

There are a lot of Mums who want to go back and enjoy their jobs (you go, girlfriend!). But if you're looking for a new role that you can work around for family, here are 10 options: 

  • Start a clothing label! Of course! Get yourself a Silhouette Cameo and a heat press. You're looking at around a $1000 investment for all equipment. Handy with sewing machine? Even better. 
  • Family daycare. You have to look after your own kids anyway, right? Throw in a couple more and build yourself a fun little business. Not only are you bringing in an income to support your fambam, you have the divine privilege of looking after someone else's precious little people. Look into your local state & area legislations on how to get started. 
  • Multi-level marketing. Bare with me here. If I wasn't doing Sunday Soldiers, I'd be involved in an MLM business. Hands down. I have girlfriends that are raking in THOUSANDS because they signed up and worked their assess off. MLM is a legit way of making money, they are not pyramid schemes. And the best part is that there are plenty to choose from, so you can find one that reflects something you're passionate about. You still have to work for it, there's no such thing as a 'get-rich quick' scheme. But the potential is huge. Think Younique, Herbalife, Plexus Slim, Tupperware, Arbonne etc etc. If you find the right one, they're absolute goldmines.
  • Pre-loved baby goods agent. There are so many of mums who have good condition baby items and clothes that they don't need anymore - but don't necessarily have the time to list them on buy/sell groups or eBay. Enter: baby goods agent! You offer to collect everything, you sell it, then you split the profits with the mum. Win/ win. Clothing is a big one. How many of us have a box of kids clothing that we're going to sell 'one day'. I would happily give 50% of the money to someone to sell it for me. Really easy, low overheads and you can do it during nap time.
  • Social media engager. I'm not talking about VA's (virtual assistants) here. The job of a social media engager is purely to operate a social media account for a business. Answer all the Instagram DMs, engage with your followers, reply to comments, post photos etc. All from the comfort of your couch. We all know engagement is key for Instagram now. But generally, business owners are busy doing other things in the business, they don't have the capacity to be on Instagram all day just to boost their engagement. They just don't. There are mum's doing this for multiple businesses and earning good money each week. Set a price and advertise your services on your own social media. You never know who is looking for someone to help out. 
  • Night fill jobs. We all know how expensive daycare is. How about a night fill job, where Dad can be home watching the kids while they sleep? A few hours in the evening stacking shelves, or concierge at a hotel, or at a service station? Something that gives you enough hours to be worth it, but doesn't make you too tired. 
  • Workshops. Do you have a special skill? Do you know how to do something like make balloon animals, pottery or dream catchers? Or maybe you're an SEO guru, a renovating genius or talented painter? Put together a workshop to teach your skill. Perhaps a school would love to host a workshop to teach kids how to face paint? Or maybe your local council would be keen to have you teach a bunch of retirees how to keep in touch with their grandkids on Facebook? Be creative, be pro-active and design your own workshop. I've seen people do this and turn their skills into fully fledged, booked out businesses. Huge opportunity. 
  • Temp work. What did you do before maternity leave? A lot of jobs may have the opportunity to go back casually or part time, but if not, get in touch with a temping agency. They may be able to find you a temporary position aligned to your past experience. This is also a great way to get out of that 'mummy bubble' and meet new people.
  • Invent something. Why isn't there a kids toy vacuum cleaner that actually vacuums? Or a kids plate that changes colour when the food is cool enough to be eaten? Why can't I download an app that pops up with a message once a day telling me what a wonderful mum I am and how I'm doing a kick-ass job. Find an idea & run with it. 
  • Meal prep. Do a bulk cook-up, put into into plastic containers and sell pre-made meals. There are so many time-poor families that are still health conscious. Personally, I would love it if there was an affordable & reliable service that offered this. Have a chat to your local council about the regulations on cooking from home or lots of areas have approved commercial kitchens that you can hire. 

These are just a few options. There are SO many different things out there that you can tailor to suit your family and your lifestyle. 
I truly hope that if you're in this position, you find the perfect solution that lets you stay at home if you wish to. Have any more ideas? Leave them in the comments on Facebook. 

xx Elise.