Shit people say when you're pregnant

Pregnancy. Some of us love it, some of us hate it. But for most of it, it's necessary to produce these cute squidgy babies we all love. So we do it. 

I'm personally not a pregnancy lover. It's hot, it's sweaty, you always feel like vomiting and it just takes forevvveeerrr. But things that make pregnancy even more unbearable are some of the outrageous comments you get! It would actually be funny if you were not a giant house of raging hormones harbouring a tiny fugitive. 


We asked some of our squad what the most offensive thing they heard during pregnancy was. Here's some of the most 'out there' comments: 

"My old school crossing lady: “are you married?” I reply no.. “Hm living in sin... well good luck with it all!”" - @jettpluslevi

"*Posts a bump photo with baby is size of a cucumber* Comment: maybe if you had fucked a cucumber you wouldn’t be in this mess" @pirate.panda.cubs

"Hahaha my Mum literally asked if it was Marks kid 😂 thanks Mum for thinking I’m a massive ho" - @jettpluslevi 

"One lady though on maybe the second time I braved the shops alone with 3 kids said “oh you look so overwhelmed and are you sick” 😂🤒 I wasn’t sick probably just had no makeup on"

"Baha oh where do u even start?! Shopping alone and I get “oh are they all yours, you dont even look old enough to have one”
When I had all girls, “oh your poor husband with all girls, you’ll need to get a boy dog”
“Haven’t you learned how babies are made by now? Don’t you have a tv”?
And the classic, “oh is this your first?” (As I watch their faces change from a look of sweet adoration to one of shock and horror as I reply, “no this is number 5” - @ashplus5

"My mum asked me if my daughter was my partners when I first told her I was pregnant 😅
To be fair, it was a bit of a shock as he’s older and had had the snip a number of years ago" @tubby.puff


Oh my wooooord. Some people! To play it safe, next time you see a pregnant lady - just smile and ask her how she takes her coffee. Safe for everyone. Pregnancy is tough enough without weirdo comments (and weirdo advice! But that's a whole different blog post!) 

What's the strangest comment someone made to you while pregnant? Leave it in the comments! 

xx Elise