School holiday fun for Mum's that hate craft

Ermagheeerd, is it school holidays AGAIN? Already? 
Don't get me wrong. I love my kids. Obviously. But school holidays can be a challenging time. 

Pros? Not making school lunches. 
Cons? Becoming a 24/7 snack bitch to your little cherubs 

While I generally think of myself as a hands-on, patient, caring and imaginative mum, during school holidays I am faced with a big ass truth. I'm probably not.

Yep, I said it. I love spending time with the kids. But I want to do things like read books, choreograph dances to Britney Spears (am yet to have a child cooperative with this one), play basketball at the park or watch them just run wild at the beach. I hate craft. I hate cutting things out. I hate having to wrestle texta's off my toddler while he hovers over the cat. I hate having to spell one thousand different words. 

So, here is some school holiday fun ideas that don't suck and don't involve crafty shit: 

  • Make playdough. Haha just kidding. Keep reading.
  • Balloon tennis. Especially good for kids who have 37824398 tonnes of energy. Blow up a balloon, give them each a fly squat. Put one of each side of the couch and tell them that the balloon can't touch the ground. Voila. So simple and legit will keep them entertained without breaking anything.
  • Ridiculous bubble bath. It's always so hard to get kids IN the bath - and then once they're in, it's hard to get them out. The other day, Lion emptied an entire bottle of bubble bath into the bath without my knowledge. It was actually the best fun! The bubbles were out of control and the kids had a ball. They were in the bath until the water went cold! Next time, we'll add some food colouring for extra fun (that doesn't stain skin, right?) 
  • Kid Yoga. If you have a gaming console or smart TV - you can generally access YouTube on your TV. Yay -  BIG YOUTUBE! Do yourself a favour and look up 'kids yoga'. You'll find a brunette lady who has made a bounty of kid-relevant yoga clips. There's Moana yoga, Frozen yoga, Star Wars yoga. Loads of them! My boys and I have the best fun with this. We move the coffee table, roll out the yoga mats (pretty sure you can get them at K-Mart for like, $5. Bargain) and do yoga together. It's hilarious. (Also, brunette yoga lady - hit me up for some kind of sponsorship deal please. I tell everyone about kid yoga. I've earned it) 
  • Puddles! As any 3yr old will tell you, courtesy of Peppa Pig "If you jump in muddy puddles, you must wear your boots!". There's a car park about 5 minutes from our place which is generally pretty empty most of the time, but FULL of puddles when it rains. We go there, even if it's raining, put the boys in gumboots and let them jump it out. They LOVE it. Let them get soaking wet, burn off some energy, pop them in the car with towels and the heater on when they're done - and home for warm baths and babychinos. There's something so magic about it, I don't know why. Puddles cost nothing to play in but kids just love them so much. It's really so lovely to watch them jump around and have so much fun in them. Bless their little wet socks. 

Do you have any more suggestions? Add them in the comments! 

Goodluck to everyone these school holidays! Have fun and may your coffee be strong.

Xx Elise.