We sat down with our stockist, Dominique Perri from the online kids empire, YOKO (You Only Kid Once) and chatted all things life, business and motherhood.

Where did you come up with the name YOKO and what does it represent?
YOKO stands for 'You Only Kid Once' and reflects my personal philosophy of choose well, buy less.  It's all about being able to spoil the most important people in our lives with quality pieces that will stand the test of time and be shared between siblings.


What did you do in your former life?
I was a swimming instructor during my uni days, and then I worked in media and advertising for 8+ years before launching YOKO. 

How do you think motherhood has changed the way you work? 
Being a mum has forced me to be really protective of my time both at work and in my home life.  I'm much more efficient than I used to be, because I want to spend my spare time with my kids instead of working.  Motherhood has also taught me to be more patient and calm at work, I've learnt to accept that I'll always have lots of work to do and that some things are out of my control.

What's your secret for juggling hustle life and family life? 
Outsource as much as you can.  We have a twice-weekly house keeper and a gardener which means my time with the kids is quality time.  My kids also go to daycare 4 days per week so that I have dedicated work time and dedicated family time.

What is your favourite moment from motherhood?
There are so many beautiful moments but my favourite would have to be when my boys met for the first time and watching my eldest look after his little brother.


We LOVE our efficient and seamless this mumma makes things look! Have a look here at the stylish threads that YOKO has to offer, amongst all of the Sunday Soldiers goodness of course! ;) 

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Xx Elise.