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We had a chat to Sheena & Bree, the dynamite duo behind Little Label. We met them both at Life InStyle in Melbourne and straight away we were like 'Yep, we have GOT to work with these girls!'. They give off the happiest vibes (girl crush alert!), we're thrilled to have them as a part of the Sunday Soldiers family. 

Here's some of our chat below :) 

What was the inspiration behind your store?
We had an idea, shared across the street from the beach over milkshakes if you'd believe it! It's like we were MEANT TO BE a Sunday Soldiers stockist ❤️ We wanted to create a different kind of shopping experience, in a new and stylish way. That's when LITTLE LABEL PARTIES came in, we thought what better way for Mums to escape the chaos of motherhood for a couple of kid free hours, socialise with their friends and SHOP for their little ones. We wanted our business to allow us to work outside hours so we could spend more time with our kids while still earning an income. 
How do you think motherhood has changed the way you work?
Mums know how to multitask, motherhood is the biggest multitasking job of them all. So when we throw in starting a business and other commitments we find that we are crazy productive! We don't have a choice, so much to do, so little time! So we haul ass!
Who inspires you?
The Mums who've made it in business and the women who've  seen us starting out and have extended their hand to help and guide us. In no other industry have either of us felt the love and support of people we've never met before. We feel so privileged to have met, worked with and been mentored by so many wonderful women in business, these women inspire us. 
What's your secret for juggling hustle life and family life?
We're still figuring this one out! 😂 so far we've figured out that playing on Insta can consume hours 🤦🏽‍♀️ 
We have to give a shoutout to our ever patient and supportive husbands who have been totally neglected since we started. We welcome any advice, drop us a line 
What is your favourite moment from motherhood?
Just being entirely present with our kids and enjoying the everyday moments. They are our inspiration.
Xo Sheena & Bree 
Woooo! You get it, right? They're so lovely! You can check out what Little Label is all about on their Instagram and their website.