Hey squad! 

We sat down with Nicola, tribe chief of Kids Tribe - Brisbane based online retailer. 
We fell in love with the aesthetic of Kids Tribe right away. And we LOVE working with such a fun and energetic store!

Here's a bit about Nicola & Kids Tribe from our chat: 

SS: Where did you come up with your store name and what does it represent?

KT: I wanted a store name that was all about kids and that reflected a community spirit. A tribe is a large family or group that someone belongs to. I strive to make our customers feel like they belong and that they are heard and appreciated. We are all about small kids and will do whatever we can to make the customer experience, the best it can be.  
SS: If you could describe your customer in 3 words, what would it be? 
KT: The very best!
SS: Is there a moment in life that will always stay with you?
KT: Some of the happiest, most surreal moments in my life is when my children were born. That first time I set eyes on my newborn babies and held them in my arms. I get goosebumps just thinking about it.  
What did you do in your former life?
KT: I come from a marketing and advertising background. I have a post graduate degree in marketing and small business management and have worked in marketing most of my adult life. I moved to London after university, where I worked for many years, until moving to Brisbane in 2010.  
What's your mantra for maintaining work/ life balance?
KT: Work hard. Play hard.


Woooo! Thanks for being so kick-ass Nicola. You can check out what Kid's Tribe are all about on their Instagram and their website.