When tragedy hits not once, but twice.

Hey locals,

I'm writing this blog post through tears today. You know when you read about something so sad, it's like it hits you personally? You're so genuinely heartbroken for this person, it physically moves you.

I think as mother's, we relate to other mothers on a special level. That isn't to say that men or ladies without kids can't relate to mum's. I'm not saying that at all. It's just different. When you're a mum, you're a part of a village. When someone's child is hurting, there's a maternal instinct that takes over. When you see another mum suffering, your heart goes out to her. 

I met Kristi in 2010 on the set of Farmer Wants a Wife (that's another blog post all in itself). She was one of those 'nice girls'. I was only 20 at the time and Kristi was the only Mum on the show. I remember one morning at breakfast, she was talking about her daughter, Luka. I remember thinking 'Wow, I hope I get to have that kind of relationship one day'. She just beamed when she spoke about her, she spoke like they were best friends. She was the best mum, I remember thinking even at the age of 20 that I wanted a daughter to have that kind of relationship with one day. 

Kristi & I have been Facebook friends since 2010. It's been so nice watching her and Luka go on adventures together. Do yoga in exotic locations, eat tacos in Mexico. We didn't talk often, but that's cool. Life is busy. Facebook is nice like that, don't you think? It's like you get to keep in touch, follow peoples journeys while being on your own life's course. It's good. 

Kristi's posts were always full of light and positivity. But in February, that took a drastic turn. She was pregnant with Luka's little brother, Noah. He was born sleeping. Kristi had placental abruption. She was put under, being told that her son would be okay. When she woke up, she was told that he didn't make it. Can you imagine? Can you even wrap your mind around that? I can't. I really can't even bring myself to think of how that would have felt. I can't imagine how her partner, Josh must have felt, waiting for Kristi to wake up so she could hear the news. And then telling Luka. Like, fucking hell. Why does this happen to people? How is this fair? Noah's family had plans for him. There was a million things he was supposed to do on this planet. They say that everything happens for a reason. But it doesn't. There is no reason that Noah should have left his parents and his sister. The universe got it wrong. 


This should be a blog post on it's own. This should be enough tragedy all by itself. But things get worse. After suffering such a devastating loss, Kristi got sick. Josh called her an ambulance. Kristi had a STROKE. A freaking stroke! At the grand age of 31. What the hell. It's all well and good for me to say over and over how sad this is, but this is real life. This is my friends life. It's not just a story. 

Within two months, Kristi went from playing mini golf with Josh and Luka, to losing Noah, and now finding herself in a hospital bed. Unable to walk, unable to talk, struggling to see, along with a long list of ailments she has sustained since the stroke. At the age of 31. 

I'm a mum. I'm close to Kristi's age. This could have been me. It could have been any of us. She didn't do anything wrong, she didn't put herself in danger. She was just SO freaking unlucky. And it's not fair.

But you know what we do? We pull together. We cook meals. We do GoFundMe pages. We send little supportive messages. We help with school runs. We listen. We're a damn village. Whether we're literal neighbours or if we're on opposite sides of the globe. Us Mum's find a way to bond and we help each other. 

I started a GoFundMe page for Kristi, Josh, Luka & angel Noah. Kristi is still in hospital and has months worth of rehab and appointments ahead of her. The last thing she needs to worry about is bills. She needs to concentrate on her health and healing her broken heart. If you can donate, even if it's $5 - that would be amazing. If you can't, but you can share our blog post or GoFundMe page, that's great. 

I hope that if anyone happens to me, you, anyone - that we all pull together and help them too. These are good people that have been dealt too many harsh cards, in a really short amount of time. 

Thanks locals x 



xx Elise.