Sunday Soldiers Christmas Guide!

Not sponsored - just cool shit that we think your kids will love! 
Argghh i LOVE Christmas but buying presents can be so stressful! We're really big on 'buy once, buy good' in this household. We try to invest in quality pieces that will last the kids for years. Each to their own, but I believe this really reduces the impact on our planet and the amount of toys we have just laying around not being used. That said, we also have 4 x boys and there's only so many items you can get for them before you're left scratching your head for ideas. They have bikes, they have skateboards, they have surfboards - all the main stuff that they love! We all want our kids to love and be grateful for any gifts they receive, and we also want them to actually get used! So we've put together a list of amazing Christmas gifts that you might not have thought of. 
1. The Zookeeper skatey
We have one of these for our little one and he LOVES it. We were lucky enough to have our masce symbol on our board, but you can also get your little groms name or date of birth on there. A beautiful keepsake that your child will love for years to come! 

Image: @elisedoohan_
2. Hubble + Duke gumboots
These gumboots are such a wardrobe staple. They slip on so easily, come in the most gorgeous colours and they last forever. My nephews & kids are all getting a pair of these for Christmas. At only $50, you can't go wrong. 

Image: @sundaysoldiers_ 

3. Ookkie skateboard
The worlds first learner skateboard. It's been specifically created to help kids as young as 2 to learn to skateboard. You'll get so many comments wherever you go and your kid will be shredding in no time! 

Image: @elisedoohan_
4. Mud Kitchen 
Out with the plastic, in with WOODEN toys. Hit up Gumtree or Facebook's Marketplace for local mud kitchen makers. IKEA makes a great place for mud kitchen accessories too. Mud kitchen featured in the image below is from Little Hipster Kubby in Sydney.
Image: @vanessaberner
5. Louie Luxe custom wall decals 
Ahh how gorgeous are these? In fact, how gorgeous is EVERYTHING this talented mama creates? I'm obsessed. Team your decal with a contrasting wall colour for WOW factor. Your little ones will be so excited to see their names BIG on their walls. And us parents will love them too, because they're stylish AF. Beautiful, bespoke piece that your child won't ever grow out of. 

Image: @louieluxe
What are YOU buying for your kids this Christmas? Share your ideas in the comments! 

Wishing you all a beautiful & safe festive season. Presents are great, but there's nothing like family <3 

Signing off, 
Elise + Team Sunday Soldiers xx 

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