Oh hey Sydney Mums!

How many of you had a balance bike growing up? I certainly didn't. In fact, I hadn't even heard of a balance bike before I had Chance, almost 5 years ago.  
For those who aren't familiar, a balance bike is a bike without pedals that lets kids push with their feet to propel themselves along, to learn to balance and steer naturally on a bike.  

Balance bikes don't have pedals, but do teach propulsion adaptation as children learn to push the bike with their feet to glide. They use their feet to brake (or sometimes kids just don't brake at all, if they're anything like my children), building their judgement and reaction skills. They can go over any terrain and reach speeds equal to two-wheeled pedal bikes, so they can keep up with their pedal-using buddies. They do teach balance and proper steering techniques, thus teaching coordination. They are also small, lightweight, and cater to very young riders. Easy to throw in the car on the way to the beach and PERFECT to start building those pre-surfing balance skills.  

So, why am I telling you all this? Sydney Cycleways run a FREE balance bike clinic from 11am until 3pm every Saturday. 

Additional clinics will run during the summer school holidays from 11am til 3pm daily, 8 to 12 January, 15 to 19 January and 22 to 25 January.  
No need to book, just turn up and register with the instructors at the Sydney Park Cycling Centre.  

Balance bikes and helmets are provided.
How good is that? You don't even need to bring your own balance bike.  

Have fun, get the kids out of the house and learn some new skills. You never know, it could be the start of an amazing surf or skate career ;)