Christmas with kids

Hey squad, 

So, it's Christmas time. Say whaaaat? I know it comes at the same time every year, but it really doesn't feel like 12 months since last Christmas. 

It's so true what they say.
"I thought being a kid at Christmas was the best thing ever. But it turns out, having kids at Christmas is the best thing ever"
I LOVE seeing how excited my boys get at Christmas time. They are so full of Christmassy spirit and it's such an amazing thing to see. Since I'm a bit of a grinch, Christmas spirit is totally foreign to me. 
I have compiled a list of cute family traditions to bring in at this time of the year. Are you keen to bring some extra festiveness into your family? Keep reading. 

1. Christmas Eve box: Pretty common these days but still worthy of a mention. A box full of items that is opened on Christmas Eve. It can contain things like new pyjamas, a Christmas movie, snacks, hot chocolate etc. Or add something else fun! 
2. Christmas breakfast: Santa pancakes, Northpole bacon & eggs, Rudolph's omelette. I love this idea. I'm totally doing special Christmas pancakes this year. After present opening, of course ;) 
3. Eggflips: This traditional drink is a favourite with kids. It tastes like sweet milk and is a festive favourite. Click the link to see Kidspot's recipe. Hint: don't tell the kids it has egg in it, they'll never know. 
4. Christmas lights: Driving around on Christmas Eve looking at Christmas lights is so special. Kids always get SO excited. Bonus points for interactive places where the kids can get out, get candy canes, play with other kids. So much wonder & delight in a child at Christmas time.
5. Write a letter to Santa: Good one to do before it gets too close to Christmas (and then you can't actually fulfil the list haha). It seems so obvious but I've actually never thought to do this! And then you can keep them and look back at them over the years. 
6. Christmas ornaments: Each year, letting the kids select one new Christmas ornament from the shops to add to the tree. If your kids are anything like mine, they usually break more than one each year anyway. Good way to keep the decorations replenished and give the kids a sense of involvement. 
7. Christmas trip: Some people go away on holidays for Christmas. But it doesn't always have to be so extravagant. How about before Christmas each year, you go to a particular park. Or perhaps a cafe for 'Christmas coffee'. Or a roadtrip. It gives kids something fun to look forward to - and something they'll always remember. 
8. Sleepover: I love the idea of this, not entirely sure I will love it at the time haha but willing to give it a shot! All the kids sleepover in one room, and they can stay up watching Christmas movies, giggling and getting excited. Again, something that will amplify the excitement of Christmas and something kids will always remember. 
Do you have any Christmas traditions that you do with your family? Or how about something you did yourself growing up? Would LOVE to hear some more stories, be sure to leave your piece in the comments. 

Wishing you all a magical festive season.
xx Elise. 
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