Hey squad! 

We sat down with Nicola, tribe chief of Kids Tribe - Brisbane based online retailer. 
We fell in love with the aesthetic of Kids Tribe right away. And we LOVE working with such a fun and energetic store!

Here's a bit about Nicola & Kids Tribe from our chat: 

SS: Where did you come up with your store name and what does it represent?

KT: I wanted a store name that was all about kids and that reflected a community spirit. A tribe is a large family...

10 cute Halloween outfits for kids you might not have seen before

10 cute Halloween outfits for kids you might not have seen before

Love it or hate it, Halloween is JUST around the corner! Crazy right? 

If you're looking for something a bit more extra than the usual zombie, witch or superhero - you've come to the right place. Here is our favourite (and not too hard to create, because #mumlife ) outfits for your babes this halloween. 

1. Unicorn! Unicorns are so on trend this year. In the past, it would be been a mission to find a unicorn horn headband just before Halloween. But this year, they're freaking everywhere. So good. Add a leotard, some fluffy shit from Spotlight and voila!...

Egg donation - creating little miracles


I freaking LOVE being a Mum. It's amazing how two little lines on a pregnancy test can turn "I work 60 hours a week. I love my pink shoe room. I drink champagne for breakfast on Sundays" into "I didn't know nipples can bleed. Should I use Huggies or BabyLove nappies? Is it possible to explode from loving your child SO much". Motherhood hit me like an effing freight train. I was hooked. It's like finding a good hairdresser or a kids snack that has less than 4gms of...



Oh heyyyy,

We had a chat to Sheena & Bree, the dynamite duo behind Little Label. We met them both at Life InStyle in Melbourne and straight away we were like 'Yep, we have GOT to work with these girls!'. They give off the happiest vibes (girl crush alert!), we're thrilled to have them as a part of the Sunday Soldiers family. 

Here's some of our chat below :) 

What was the inspiration behind your store?
We had an idea, shared across the street from the beach over milkshakes if you'd believe it! It's like we were MEANT TO...

50 names for your little beach baby

Hey squad, 
I ALWAYS get comments on my boys names. My eldest is Chance and my youngest is Lion. Yep, as in, the animal Lion. Not an alternative spelling for Leon.  
What's the story behind the names? Not much really, we just liked them. I suggested Chance to my husband during early pregnancy, he loved it and then that was it! With Lion, we were waddling (okay well, maybe the waddling was just me) into hospital still arguing about names. Matt wanted Sebastian, but that was too common for me. So we settled...